Call to Artists

First Saturday Gallery Walk on February 1st 2020

The Cube Colony - Exhibition & Maker Space

Saturday February 1st 5-9PM

Show location:

750 N. Stone Ave

Tucson, AZ 85705



An art show for current and emerging artists.

Important Exhibit Dates

  • January 15th: Submissions due online by midnight

  • January 17th: Email notification of artists selected for exhibition

  • January 30th 6-730PM or January 31st 930AM-11AM: Deliver selected ready to install work

  • February 1st: 5-9PM Opening reception

  • February 2nd: 6-730PM Work ready for pickup


1. Maximum of 8 submissions per artist 

2. To submit electronically, please email jpeg images of your work to be reviewed to by midnight on Wednesday, January 15, 2020.  Please see format for images in the Instructions and Terms for Submission below.

*Entries not containing this information will not be considered.

3. To submit in person, bring in your work to be reviewed to The Cube Colony at 750 N. Stone Ave, Tucson, AZ 85705 by appointment only. Please contact to schedule in person submission. Please bring a copy of the required information submission listed as such below in the Instructions and Terms for Submission.

**Please do not bother other tenants at the building. There is one contact for the event and all inquiries should be sent to  


  • Eligibility

    • The works submitted must be the sole and original creation of the exhibiting artist(s)

    • Submission of collaborative work is encouraged

    • Works that have been exhibited at The Cube Colony previously are not eligible for submission.

    • No prints or reproductions will be accepted in place of original artwork submission.

  • Submission Fee – $25 for up to five works. All fees must be paid before submissions are accepted. All payments should be made via the following options:

  • Acceptable Work – Work accepted for review can be any visual media; 2-dimensional, 3-dimensional or video.

    • Two-dimensional work must be ready to hang.

    • Three-dimensional work must be free standing or include an appropriate stand/pedestal for display.

    • Acceptable size of 3-dimensional work is at the discretion of the juror. Ideal size would be no more than 3ft long or wide. The artwork may exceed 3ft in height.

    • Video works will be considered and can be submitted MOV or MP4 format but applicant must be able to supply viewing technology.

  • Required Information – Your email must include the following information:

    • Name / City, State / Phone / eMail

    • Bio / Artist Statement

    • Artwork Title / Date Created / Medium / Retail Price / Dimensions

  • Each applicant may submit images of up to 8 artworks, maximum two images per work. Images must be in JPG or JPEG format. Images should be no more than 300dpi and less than 2 Mbytes. Files must be labeled with the artist’s first and last name and entry number (lastname_firstname_1.jpg, for example: picasso_pablo_1.jpg). Video works will be considered and can be submitted MOV or MP4 format but applicant must be able to supply viewing technology.

  • Delivery of Work – If selected for the exhibition, the artist or by an authorized representative must be able to deliver work in person. Work that is not delivered by the deadline will not be included in the show.

  • Return of Work – The artist or an authorized representative may pick up work that is not sold on February 2, 2020 6-730PM. Work unclaimed at The Cube Colony for more than 7 days after the pick-up date will be disposed of at our discretion. * The artist may also take unsold artwork home after the opening reception which ends at 9PM. Doors will be locked after the closing of the show at 930PM.

  • Presentation – The artist is responsible for professional presentation and all work must be ready to install upon delivery

    • Any work not ready for installation, at our discretion, may not be included in the exhibition

    • No digital signatures of any kind on artwork will be accepted

  • Selling of Artwork – Artists are not required to sell their artwork. ​

    • Artists will keep 100% of the sale of their work. Only cash or check made payable to the artist will be accepted by exhibition representative on the artist’s behalf.

  • Labeling – All work must be labeled.

    • Artist name/Title/Media/Retail price

    • Improper labeling may prevent acceptance of the work

  • Use of Work – Cube Colony reserves the right to use images of submitted works in social media marketing, on this website, in our printed marketing materials, and other materials used to promote the exhibition.

  • Copyright – The Artist retains ownership and copyright of all submitted work. Upon the sale of artwork the ownership of the work transfers to the buyer.

  • Insurance – Artwork is not covered by insurance during the exhibition. That is the responsibility of the artist.

  • Acceptance – Submission of your application by email indicates acceptance of all terms and conditions of the exhibition requirements stated above.

Show location:

750 N. Stone Ave

Tucson, AZ 85705

Solo Exhibition 


Primary Materials: Winnowing the 34th & 36th 

October 1st -31st 2019

Reception October 12th 10:30AM-12PM

Show location:

Joel D. Valdez Main Library 

110 W Congress St

Tucson, AZ 85705

Recent Exhibitions

December 7th - Saturday Gallery Walk

Saturday December 7th 5-9PM

Artists included:

Athena Solan, Cornelia Jensen, Ryan Dulaney, Nancy Drigotas, Ruthie Marchand, Sylvia Garland, Laura Eliason, Benjamin Brockman, Paige Flueger, Ellery Page and Caitlyn Swift

Show location:

750 N. Stone Ave

Tucson, AZ 85705

October 5th - Saturday Gallery Walk

Saturday October 5th 5-9PM

Artists included:

Athena Solan, Cornelia Jensen, Ryan Dulaney, David Contreras, Nancy Drigotas,

Adolfo Anaya and Caitlyn Swift

Show location:

750 N. Stone Ave

Tucson, AZ 85705

August 3rd - Saturday Gallery Walk

Saturday August 3rd 6-9PM

Artists included:

Athena Solan, Elisabeth Geel, Cornelia Jensen, Ryan Dulaney, and Mark Hamilton

Show location:

750 N. Stone Ave

Tucson, AZ 85705

June 1st - Saturday Gallery Walk

Saturday June 1st 6-9PM

Artists included:

Athena Solan, Cornelia Jenson, David Contreras, George Strasburger

Show location:

750 N. Stone Ave

Tucson, AZ 85705

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